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    Antalya was established in the second century B.C. for King Attalos II of Pergamon, following his command: "Find me a paradise on Earth." The city, which was named after its founder, was founded in the most fertile region of Anatolia where the ancient Pamphylian, Pisidian, and Lycian regions intersect.

Throughout its history, Antalya has been a place of culture, art, architecture, and mythology. Because of its deep blue seas, magnificent Taurus Mountains, spectacular waterfalls, and colorful trees that dot its landscape, Antalya is also an important tourist attraction. Located in the midst of natural wonders, Antalya is the most important tourism region in Turkey and includes an internationally-awarded marina, world-famous hotels, holiday resorts, and a beautiful landscape known for its citrus-scented air.

Each year, millions of tourists that come to see Antalya's amazing beauty benefit from the services of Antalya Airport, which stands out for its advanced technology as well as its modern structure.

Antalya is a beacon for millions of tourists each year thanks to its exquisite beaches. The cleanliness and the beauty of these magnificent beaches, where nature's green and blue colors are intertwined, have been awarded with many blue flags.
Thanks to its fascinating historical ruins, Antalya is like an outdoor museum where nature's beauty is always on exhibit.

Antalya also hosts congresses and conferences for some of the most important global companies.
Antalya is fast on its way to becoming the pearl of the Mediterranean thanks to its several centuries-old history, its natural beauty, the magic of the Mediterranean, and its strong tourism industry that consistently grows and develops with each passing year.