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Side was the site of Pamphyilia's largest port and was probably first colonized in the 7th BC. Coming from Cyprus St. Paul would have entered the ancient port enroot to Perge. They cover a large promontory where a wall and a mote separate it from the mainland. During medieval times, the wall and mote were repaired and the promontory houses a wealth of structures. There are colossal ruins of a theater complex built much like a Roman amphitheater that relies on arches to support the sheer verticals.

Aspendos Theatre with 15.000 seating capacity is said to be the best preserved theatre in Asia Minor (Anatolia). The beautiful galleries of the theatre, stage decorations and most important of all the Acustic of the theatre reflects the talent of architect Zenon. Besides the theatre are temples, monumental fountain, basilica, agora, bouleuterion, stadium and aquaducts in Aspendos. The most important art is the Theatre, which has been restored by Seljuks in 13 th century A.D. but was used as a caravanserai. By Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's order, now it is being used as a museum and attracts a lot of tourists all the year round. Cultural activities and festivals are held in Aspendos every year in Summer.

75 EUROS (Per Person)

* Price per person valid for a minimum of 20 participants. If the participant number is less than 20, the tour may be cancelled. In case of cancellation, you will be notified by e-mail.

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