ISMISS Turkey International Faculty

Thomas Luebbers is the head of the Neurosurgical department, Spine Center in the Maria-Hilf Hospital Stadtlohn/Germany. He is an active member in the German spine society and in the German neurosurgical society. In the latter he is dedicated to certify colleagues who wants to gain the special spinal certification of the Neurosurgical society.

In his daily work he is focussed on percutaneous endoscopic surgery on the whole spine. He developed the so called SpineTIP concept covering all aspects of percutaneous endoscopic approaches on the lumbar spine. His scientific objects are strongly related to assess the findings in the lumbar neuroforamen and the Kambin triangle. The clinical and anatomical base for this research are more than 700 surgeries in this special field of PELD.

Furthermore he is interested in isthmic asdult spondylolisthesis and the surgical treatment with regard to reduction maneuvers and fusion procedures. He was awarded for the best paper dealing with an unique designed instrument for –olistheis reduction during the annual meeting of the German neurosurgical society in Dresden 2011.

Luebbers has broad clinical and research interests including cervical spine pathologies, spinal infections, deformity surgery and trauma cases on the spine.